Isolated System

Welcome sonic travellers, welcome to the Isolated System. You must be wearied from your journey. Please sit, rest a little. Catch your breath for there is much dancing to be had and we want you at your best. Now, as you may or may not know, we don't like routine in the Isolated System, so please deposit all worldly items in the bins provided. All you need here are your ears and feet. Heads are optional, but we advise to leave them too. These days they are all filled with work and worries anyway—contraband in this particular nebular. Besides, they are distractions from the important matters at hand.

Speaking of hands, feel free to use them as you like. There are no rules. Same for hips and tapping toes—we love it most when they all flail about. By the way, have you been practicing your basswalk? No? No matter, you will pick it up. It is pretty much all we do here. And AÑA, have you met her yet? This is her creation, you know. It came to her in a dream one night and she has been cultivating the place ever since—with the help of a few friends that is. 785 especially, there would be no Basswalker without him.

Isolated System was only publically spotted in October 2012 and by all accounts is still relatively young, but AÑA began much earlier than that. Her story dates back to 1993 (or 1994, depending on the source)—a time that AÑA has never really been able to leave. Something happened to her then, you see. Something that she never fully recovered from. 'It' fused to her, lets say, and fuelled her to where she is today. 'It' is the base element of the Isolated System: rave in its purest form. A rare and precious gem indeed, nowadays. Hear it, feel it, be it. Let everything else go and join us. You are here now after all, so what is there to lose? Be warned however, for once you enter there is no going back.