Timelines can be vague and misleading. And besides, there's no need to venture too far back. For now lets just say AÑA came into being in the usual fashion, in one of the quaint and quieter nebulas towards the North. For a long time nothing really happened. Then around 1993—or even '94, the records aren't clear—something did: a nearby Supernova exploded, irrevocably changing little AÑA forever.

The blindness lasted for some weeks, but the aching never stopped: the blast had blown a hole clean through her that now only Techno could fill. But the more she fed it, the bigger it got. Soon records simply weren't enough. She had to get closer to the source of it all, to find others just like her. It was the millennium, but AÑA's heart was elsewhere—still caught up in the era that had ignited it all. Techno was collapsing all around her, but it just wasn't the same. She liked it. She liked it very much. It was steely and exciting, however something was missing.

She spent several years exploring, collecting, collecting and exploring but never really integrating. She danced with many, but played alone until one day the Second Thing happened. It came out of nowhere, some sort of collision during deep and lucid slumber. AÑA awoke and there it was: her world had formed, her Isolated System. At last there was a place she could escape routine, a place alive and buzzing with bass. Her bass. And Others' too, it time. Not quite here, or yesteryear but in a vacuum all of its own.

Science will tell you these things are impenetrable, and in a way, they are. Nevertheless, at this very moment, the Isolated System is expanding. People are starting to arrive.